The Registration and Inspection Process

Program overview

Below is a high level overview of our program.  For a detailed look download the adopted ordinance here.

January 2020 for 90 days

Registration Begins 

Registration required. It shall be unlawful for any person to offer for lease, lease, or continue to lease a rental dwelling to any other person unless the rental property containing the rental dwelling has been registered as such under this article with the permits and inspections division.

Duration of registration. A registration under this article shall be in effect until the property owner transfers the rental property.

In the event that any of the information in the registration application changes, the property owner shall file a revised registration application containing the change, within days after the change becomes effective.

Program Duration

Notification of Inspection

At least fourteen days advance written notice of the date and time of an inspection shall be provided to the  property owner and tenant. The notice shall include a sample inspection checklist and a form for the tenant to sign to consent to entry of the rental dwelling, if desired.

Spring 2020  

Inspections of Problem Properties 

Properties to be inspected starting in 2020 Including:

  1. A rental property which has or has had a code violation that was the subject of a notice of violation within the three years prior to the effective date of this article, and was not remedied withing the time period allowed in the notice of violation and any time extension granted under chapter 48 of the Omaha municipal code.
 2.  A rental property with a code violation that was not remedied within the time  period allowed in the notice of violation and any time extension granted under chapter 48 of the Omaha municipal code.
3. A rental property for which registration is required, but is not registered in a timely manner (90 days) as required by section 48-205 of the Omaha municipal code. 


Inspections Begin for All Other Rental Units  

Any rental property which is not placed on the annual inspection list shall be placed on a ten-year inspection list. A rental property on the ten-year inspection list  shall be subject to periodic inspection under this article once during the ten year period commencing in 2022, and shall be subject to periodic inspection once every ten years thereafter. 

Program Duration

Multi-Family Unit Inspection Volume 

If a  rental property to be inspected contains multi-family rental dwelling units, the code official may inspect a reasonably representative sample of at least 15% of such rental dwelling units, in lieu of inspecting all of such units. In the event that more than 20% of the multi-family rental dwelling units actually inspected are found to have any code violations, then all remaining rental dwelling units on the rental  property shall be inspected.

Program Duration


$125 for each annual inspection or ten year inspection of each separate rental dwelling or rental dwelling unit.


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